The Shoals of Time


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Many years have passed since Finneas and Jericha met in the Faraway Place. Jericha has transitioned into another dimension. Finneas has married Trill and they have two young daughters. Jericha’s older daughter, Tuli, and her husband, Will, are parents to three children.
Mora, the only one in her family still aimless and unsettled, believes she will live alone for the rest of her life.
On Ferifin, the idealistic Sarini, the newly elected jula, goes for a walk in the woods surrounding the citadel. Although escorted by his guards, he suddenly disappears without a trace.
Where is Sarini? What will Bron, the brilliant and restless former student of the Old One, discover in the caves? Will Mora discover her purpose? In The Shoals of Time, Mora, the younger daughter of Jericha, the Ambolaja, searches for her calling, but what is it, and where must she go to find it? Danger, love, sorrow, and amazing adventures await four unique and remarkable people in The Shoals of Time, the third book in the Ambolaja series.

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